Potato Pancake


Main ingredients

I wasn’t sure why I made this for dinner. I just k new I wasn’t feeling hungry for the food that was prepared, so I was looking for other options. I first thought of my favorite noodle omelet made with instant noodles, eggs and cheese, but I wanted to stay away from junk food.

So, instead, I settled for a potato pancake. I was thinking it was going to taste like a mix of the noodle omelet and an egg omelet.

Grated potatoes

 While having some soup, I told ate Pines to grate a potato and finely chopped an onion. In between bites, I also instructed ate Pines to squeeze the water from the potatoes, then throw in the onions, salt and some pepper.

Finely diced onion

 In a hot pan, I melted about half a tablespoon of butter, then threw in the mix. I flattened the potato to make it look like a pancake (as how it should be). Cooked over low fire for a few minutes, the pancake slightly browned. Come flipping time, I failed. Watching on TV, they usually tell to flip it unto a plate and then let it slide right back in the pan. When I flipped it unto the plate, it folded over itself (just like how you are supposed to do an egg omelet. So I cut it in half, and put each half back in the pan.

Frying on one side

 For the last few seconds of cooking, I left the pan on high to brown the bottom nicely, and it did turn out quite nice. The salt was spot-on, but in general, it was a bland dish. What I would pay for to have a cup of melted cheese served alongside of the potatoes.

Almost brown and golden

 Potato Pancake

1 potato, grated and water squeezed out
1 onion, diced fine, or grated as well
A few tablespoons of butter

Squeeze the water out of the potato before mixing in with the onions. Season. Fry in hot oil, and attempt to flip to cook other side. Brown nicely, serve with something tastier 🙂

Brown and golden

 PS. The  computer keeps on saying the the only way to type omelet is omelet. Omelette. Whatever.


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