Zapote Street Food

Green Mangoes

We were in front of SM Savemore in Zapote in Las Pinas the other day when we got a craving for the dirty, the unhealthy: STREET FOOD. For those who know me, I have no affection for street food. I eat the ocassional balut (which I only find in the streets anyways), dirty ice cream (see balut explanation) and maybe every now and then, the binatog. But all the other things, not so much.

stuff 🙂

I don’t like isaw (grilled intestines), or betamax (grilled coagulated pig’s blood) or even the crunchy kwek-kwek or tukneneng (battered and deep fried duck egg and quail egg, respectively). I eat fish or squid or shrimp or chicken balls on occasion, but I have never tried eating fried chicken parts or skin cooked in the street (except for that one time in Caramoan).

More fried stuff

But that day, everyone’s hungry, and it seemed that the area knew that fact.. We had the option to choose anything and walang pinatawad (no opportunity was let pass). I think the group ate a bit of everything from everyone’s stalls. And the moment was kind of insane and funny at the same time.

Chicken parts

Perhaps I will never love street food, but the hanging out and chatting that goes along with it is too fun to miss.


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