Lucban Longganisa


Have I ever mentioned that this is one of my favorite food? Lucban Longganisa. I always get my hand on it whenever I can, and luckily, the Lucban restaurant Buddy has brought it to Manila. But of course, I cannot stop myself from trying the recipe too. The first time I experimented on it, hardly any recipes were available online. Now, you find tons!

Getting ready for some major chopping

This time around too, I bought some hog casing. It is hella expensive since per kilo is P475. Of course, you don’t get to use everything at the same time. The casings it seems would last me until next year. At least I can store it for two years. 🙂

Garlic overload

The recipe instructed to not use ground pork. Instead, we patiently chopped up a kilo of meat. The fat was around 20% of the total weight, and that seemed to be wet enough. Tip, if you’re cutting this on your own, make sure the meat, especially the fat, is chilled, so that you can avoid the oily mess when handling melting fat. 🙂

Throw in a bit of everything: garlic, oregano, salt, paprika, vinegar. It seems that the mix is all the same for different stores and recipes, but the secret is to finding your own mix. I used more garlic and oregano, but ended up lacking in salt (after cooking). I tried a sample batch for this before putting them in the casings (below) and it was good then, but then became a tad too bland afterwards. Note that the two strips of casing below are more than enough to case a kilo of the meat.


I don’t have a sausage stuffer and used a funnel instead. Note to self, buy a funnel with a bigger hole next time. I was fearing breaking the casings, but they tough. 🙂 I just had Lilet assist me in preparing ties for the sausage. The stuffing took me around 30 minutes while watching tv.

Getting ready for some links
Stuffing it 😛

End result. Hmmm. Could be better. But for sure, I won’t be turning another batch of this for breakfast 🙂

Lucban Longganisa Recipe

1 kilo pork with around 20% fat, minced
1 1/2 garlic head, minced
2 tablespoons of fresh oregano, thrown in
a handful of rock salt
a dash of vinegar
a just a little paprika

Mix everything and allow to marinate overnight. I really didn’t care for the paprika, and just added enough for flavor, and for color. You can have loose longganisa as is, or stuff it as I did in a casing. 🙂 Let it hang around for a couple of hours to “dry” or cure. Supposedly, the garlic acts as a preservative to the mix. Then store in the freezer afterwards. If you don’t, it will stink up the whole fridge 🙂


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