Chicken Misua Soup

What do you do with chicken bones boiling for soup (besides the oats-caldo)? Misua soup.

It was merely the lack of imagination and rushing to prepare lunch that I ended up with misua soup. It was boiling away, and it was 11 o’clock and I had to lunch in mind, except for the chicken fingers. The it struck me, why use the soup for something else when I can have it now?

The 6 chicken breast bones were all cooked and I removed them as I got the very few chicken meat left on the bones. I allowed it to boil once more, seasoned with salt and some chicken powder. I immediately added the misua noodes (originally from China, I think. Very thin, breakable noodles. But once cooked in water, very slurpy :P) and after a couple of minutes, done! 🙂

Chicken Misua Recipe

Chicken bones, boiled in water

Remove meat left over from chicken bones and add back again to the soup. Season. Add misua. Ta-dah! 🙂


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