Sinigang na Salmon Head


I like salmon in almost any form with being smoked, as number 1, raw as number 2 and everything else after. One of the more recent food that we have come to enjoy at home is the sinigang na ulo ng salmon (salmon head in tamarind stew/soup). It’s basically the same as pork sinigang, but with the meat being the salmon head, and adding some ginger to the mix.

There are a differents kinds of sinigang, and this one, I made into sinigang na salmon head with gabi.

The heads 🙂

Gabi is taro, a root crop of some sort. It’s like a starchier and slimier version of a sweet potato, and less sweet too. There are different varieties, the big humongous one, and the small, almost marble potato sized ones. We use the smaller ones.

The head was cut up into 6 pieces, with some of the salmon meat thrown in. It was cleaned and set aside, while ginger, onions, garlic and tomatoes were chopped. The aromatics were sauteed, followed by the fish head and the gabi. With a bit of water, this was cooked, flavored with some fish sauce. Once it was almost done, the sinigang with gabi mix was added. I also took out some cooked gabi (around 5 pieces) and smashed them into bits. This was added back to the soup to make the soup thicker.

Sauteing the vegetables

After cooking, the verdict was, uh, okay. Since I apparently didn’t mash the gabi well, they were lots of gabi pieces floating in the soup, it looked messy. And mom thought that the gabi made the soup just a tad too slimy for her aste. But I like it, perhaps making it a bit “cleaner” next time. But this goes up to another sinigang experiment 🙂

Sinigang na Salmon Head Recipe

1 piece salmon head, cut into chunks
1 slice of salmon meat (or belly)
5 tomatoes, cut into wedges
1 onion, cut into wedges
5 garlic cloves, chopped
1 ginger root, c hopped
10 pieces gabi, peeled and chopped
Sinigang mix

Saute the tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger. Add the fish and teh gabi, with some water. Boil until cooked. Add the mix, take out some gabi, and mash properly. Bring back the mashed gabi into the soup again, and cook through. Serve.


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