Mamon Tostado


The bread, for toasting

Christmas season always calls for ham, queso de bola and some bread. We do this both for noche buena and media noche. Sometimes, we overestimate the number of people who would love to have sandwiches (as opposed to people like me who are happy with just the ham). As soon as the 27th hit and we had more than 1 1/2 loaves of bread about to expire, it was time to make something out of it.



The leftover bread

My initial vote for this is bread pudding. Bread pudding that tastes much like leche flan. But mom wanted some mamon tostado instead, and off with some butter and sugar we went.


As the word mamon tostado means, it literally is toasted (tostado) bread/cake (mamon). Mamon is a kind of sweet bread, almost like a loaf cake. But regular bread can be substituted for this with enough sugar.

So on a slice of bread, enough butter is placed on the bread. It’s around as much as you would put when eating the bread as is. Then a ton of sprinkling of sugar. I actually put too little sugar and wanted to add more to it when it was done, but it was too late by then. This is baked in the oven for a good 30 minutes or more, until, as the definition means, tostado.

It gives off a crunchy, sweet bite. Perfect for an afternoon snack or breakfast.


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