Lumpiang Shanghai

Rolled but raw lumpia

With the many food we are having for this season, I would have to be upfront and mention that for sure, my posts until the middle of January would consist of nothing but “pang-handa” (party) foods that you would usually find in our party gatherings. Either that or restaurants we ate out during the season.

One convenience food that we keep almost year round is the lumpiang shanghai. I have mentioned the curious post about how they make the lumpia wrapper, but I never really posted anything about how to use it (with a lumpia or even a turon – banana fritters wrapped in the wrapper). But with the never emptying fridge of ours, I might as well post what’s in the fridge.


lumpia filling

The ease of having this item ready for frying is so convenient especially when you have unexpected guests who arrive by mealtime expecting food (which is the case usually :P). It’s a quick fry, and yummy to boot.


Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

2 kilos of ground pork
4 medium sized carrots, diced finely
2 big onions, diced finely
3 eggs
enough lumpia wrapper to roll everything (tons, promise)


How to wrap

Saute the onions then the meat. Once cooked, add the carrots and season with salt, pepper, soy sauce, vetsin and whathaveyous. Add the eggs once the seasoning has been perfected, but make sure the eggs cook through too. Cool. f


Roll about half a tablespoon each into each wrapper. First, place the meat in the lower part of the wrapper. Pull up the lower part to encase the meat. Fold the sides and seal with water (this ensures that the meat does not fall out of the wrapper while cooking). Continue rolling up from the bottom and then seal final half  inch with water. Set aside.

Since we have cooked everything already, we are able to keep this in the fridge for a couple of weeks. But of course, you can as easily fry and serve it immediately.


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