Restaurant Review: Kanin Club, Westgate Alabang

Menu cover

It’s not the first time that I would have eaten here, though this is the first time I would be blogging about it. I remember eating here with Ara years ago when I was still a pescatarian. That very much limited my food choices and I wasn’t happy with the seafood gambas or something that we had. But the runaway hit for that meal was the sinigang rice (sinangag na sinigang). I once made it at home afterwards, and then when ate requested it here. But the opportunity to bring our cousins from the states there to try the Filipino food with a kick was something too fun to deny. No worries though, their family eats more traditional food that me and ate.

Ate Cleng, Kuya Mike, Kayla and Kevin, along with me, ate and kuya Dino ate dinner there one night ago and we had so much food. We had the aforementioned sinigang rice, along with the crispy dinuguan, krispy tadyang, kare kare, laing and some turon.

Sinangag na sinigang 🙂

The sinigang rice was still as good as usual, though I was looking for a stronger sour taste. But it was good, along with the slices of pork sinigang on the rice. It could be almost eaten as is. I usually don’t eat dinuguan (blood stew) but ate advised me that this was not innards. I tried it out and was happy to discover that it was super crunchy. Almost like chicharon poured over with the sauce. This one, mom hated because it wasn’t real dinuguan, which I guess was this reason that both ate and I could eat it. The krispy tadyang was okay, not exceptional. Kare-kare, I’m so sorry, but I don’t eat. The laing was okay, along with the turon.

Crispy tadyang
Crispy dinuguan

My bias against Filipino restaurants was that I eat enough of these at home, and most probably would get it cheaper. But the few twists they made was enough for me to try it again (but more of going to try to copy more of their menu items). It’s also great for balikbayans who eat the same Filipino food in the other countries, who miss the Filipino food here. 🙂

Over-all, it was a good experience. 🙂 I never really found out how much we ate, since ate and kuya Dino paid for it, but most probably expensive 🙂


Happy New Year! 🙂


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