Sinigang Rice


Cooked, a bit on the dark side 🙂

As I have mentioned, sinigang is something that is cooked in a sour soup, that can be tamarind or batuan (like in Iloilo) or kamias or even unripe mangoes. This is usually just boiled, then the souring agent added after. I have cooked and eaten the cooked from the packet sinigang and the fresh tamarind version of sinigang and have featured them here. But I have tried something in a restaurant called Kanin Club in Westgate area of Filinvest Alabang, and have come to make it in two ways. The other is starting with uncooked rice. The one I’ll be featuring right now uses day old rice (and something that has already been sangang (fried) early morning). I just recooked it for lunch.

Veggies without the kangkong

Using almost the same method for cooking other fried rice, I made of use of vegetables that are already found in the sinigang soup: onions, tomatoes, siling green (long green chilis), and kangkong (leftover from the crispy kangkong). These were sliced in big dice to make them a bit uniform. Each were cooked separately ensure that everything cooks through. The tomatoes and onions I cooked together. I made sure too to cook the onion and tomatoes all the way through.

Sauteing all the vegetables separately

Set aside all vegetables once done. In the same pan, add oil, the sinigang mix, and some water, about half a cup to a cup. Dump in rice and mix thoroughly. Taste, season. 🙂 Add more diluted sinigang mix if necessary. 🙂

Veggies with the trusty Knorr Sinigang Mix

Sinigang Rice Recipe (using old rice)

6 to 8 cups rice
1 packet of sinigang mix
1 onion, diced
3 tomatoes, diced
3 long green chilis (cut into tiny slices)
a handful of kangkong stems, cut into inch long pieces


Saute all the vegetables in oil, doing this separately and adjusting cooking time to each vegetable. Make sure they are cooked most of the way through since adding them to the rice hardly cooks them anymore. Set aside. Heat oil in pan and add some of the sinigang mix (you will have to adjust this to your taste, since I used one whole packet, we like it sour) and then add some of the water. Let it boil, then add the rice. Mix thoroughly, and add more water if necessary. Add the vegetables, season with salt, and allow to heat through. Taste. If it’s lacking in taste, add more of the sinigang mix but dissolve it in some hot water first, then pour over the rice. If the taste is too strong, add more cooked rice. Salt will be needed to make the flavor come out. 🙂

Add more vegetables to the recipe if you want, like okra, eggplant, green beans, sitaw, etc. 🙂




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