Aysee’s Sisig


Not on a sizzling plate.. 😦

This would be the first time I will be featuring sisig in this blog. So what is sisig? Without googling, This is mostly pig’s ears, face, and other innards, which are boiled, chopped up, seasoned and lightly fried. This can also be topped with really deep fried cracklings to give that crunchy taste. There is also a more “native” version wherein the sisig is cooked in a sauce, using the same pig’s parts, and then served without the crunch. I have tasted both and they are both great. Just that I think the former one is easier for most people to eat.

My first taste of sisig was from Pier One, a friend’s family’s restaurant. I didn’t even know what it was then, mostly like crunchy pork. I have the feeling if I knew then what was in it, I would have hesitated to eat it, but I still would love it.

Aysee’s is a hole in the wall restaurant in Pasig. Not sure when I’ve heard of it, but it was way back when I was in college. We have eaten there with I don’t remember whom, but I have forgotten how it tasted like. A couple of years ago, we went back and still, it wasn’t that memorable for me. This time around, when I ordered in Tiendesitas (an area of random food, pet, furniture, clothes, etc all local), it was good.

With my rice 🙂

Our table was on the other side of their stall so I was advised it was not going to be served on a hot plate. I was fine with it because I was already hungry and was not in the mood to make complaints. The sisig cost P120 (which was good for 2 to 3) and the rice at P15. When it arrived, I immediately squeezed the kalamansi, hot sauce and soy sauce in it. And this time around, I loved it. It still had bits and pieces of onions that you can taste and bite through. It also had a mix of crunchy and chewy pieces that give you different textured throughout the bite. Ahhh, I want it again 🙂




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