Crispy Kangkong

Plateful of crispy vegetables

Raiding the fridge this morning in search of stuff that I can add to my curry recipe, I came across some kangkong already way past it’s due date. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t looking fresh as the day we bought it. As I requested ate Pines to sort through it again, ate came across it and mentioned that it is one of Kuya Dino’s favorite things to eat. And of course, the newest one to be part of our household, his food likes now come into consideration. Looking up a recipe for the crispy kangkong, I discovered that it was just like cooking tempura! :) Like tempura except that we used cornstarch instead of rice flour :)

The batter

I, of course, googled this recipe immediately and it being the first hit, decided to try it. And as usual, I really didn’t follow any of the measurements involve and mostly went by feel. I opted for a more watery batter to only have a thin coating of it, unlike shrimp tempura. It was fried in a about an inch of oil, since the kangkong are only thin anyways. I kept the batter a light color because the golden-browned crust was already too darn tasty that it killed the light effect of the kangkong.


The small batch easily made using half of the batter in the recipe, since the batter only gave a light coat. This would work well for a lot of other vegetables too, but kangkong is the most common found in restaurants. :)

And! The kids actually ate this one up Given that this is not the best way to consume vegetables, fried in oil, the kids happily made this their ulam with rice. It give them the illusion, since they have that fried chicken crust 🙂 hmmmm, another lesson learned in feeding kids. 🙂


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