Chicharon Bulaklak

The famous brand of chicharon

All Filipinos love some pork crackling. It’s as sinful as hell, fried pork rinds. But I shall talk about a more sinful thing besides chicharon and chicken skin, chicharon bulaklak.

Their stall in Southmall

Chicharon bulaklak is fried pork intestines. It’s called bulaklak (meaning flower) because of the way it looks with its curly side that blooms up when fried. We get our regular dose of this from the popular R. Lapid’s stall who are known for their chicharon. But we also discovered a new place in Anonas that sell hella good chicharon bulaklak too. But how does this differ from the regular crackling? Since this one isn’t all skin, after the crispy bite, there is that chewy, soft texture that of the innards. And though most eat it with vinegar to cut off the fattiness, I eat it as it is.

Delicious hell 🙂

And yes, this is truly an indulgence. A very sinful one. After a couple of minutes, I feel my head hurt from too much fat from the food, And hence, that’s my sign to stop 🙂

As I take a bite

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