Fruits in Season: Atis, Lanzones and Rambutan

In a short but funny argument, my friend Chel and I were discussing english translations of the atis. I was for sugar apple, she was for custard apple. I quick google proved us both right. 🙂 It was funny to discover also that it has a name that I never really thought existed.It was the sibling of the more known soursop or guyabano. The atis is also called sweetsop.

Atis 🙂

It’s nice to find these variety of fruits available all over. Though it’s only available maybe a month or two in a year, the variety of fruits never ceases to amaze me. It happens every year, and every year, I await for the next month’s seasonal fruit.

Pulling it apart

Just like it’s sibling soursop, it has as many seeds. I am saddened that I never really got to enjoy our seedless atis tree’s fruits from before. It died, dried out, just when I was beginning to appreciate the fruit. I like it enough that I’m patient to suck on all the seeds to eat meat inside. I also miss the Vietnam atis when we went there before. It was not soft like the local version, but was hard enough that you can peel the skin away and take a big bite of the meat 🙂

Gone, all gone

Lanzones is one of the fruits I thoroughly enjoyed when I was in Iloilo. The price there is half than the ones available in Manila. But since this is the cheapest I can get from here, I settle for it. And besides, it’s fruit. 🙂

the insides 🙂

Rambutan is maybe a hit or miss kind of fruit for me. Half the time, it’s sour, or the kind that the fruit doesn’t peel away from the seed. But this time around, I hit a jackpot! For only P30 a kilo, I bought two on the roadside in San Pablo! It was sweet, and it peels away from the seed. I ended up bruising my finger from peeling it. As soon as I got home, I used a knife just like the way mom did it. 🙂

To what Jarell referred to as "itlog" inside 🙂

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