Up close

Have you ever tried duman? What is duman? Based from what I have heard from my mom and my aunts, it is the young pinipig, or a different kind of rice altogether that is eaten fresh (meaning uncooked). It is also soft and chewy, like sticky rice when it is cooked. All pictures of duman in this blog are actually raw. Though some people use it to cook rice cakes, like in the more popular Betty’s and Susie’s Delicacies, we still like it as it. Only in abundance of this do we make biko. We only get this when we go to Tarlac. Having already established in the family that mom and I always request this, most trips to Tarlac bring us a kilo of these goodies (if available).

It was a nice surprise when my aunt who just came from Tarlac had a loot of these with her just for us (well, for mom actually). It was relegated to the fridge until we got our hands on some fresh coconut to be squeezed for the milk. Note that this quickly loses it’s freshness, and care should be given in handling it. Refrigerate it as soon as possible, or at least don’t allow it to be kept in its plastic for too long without air circulating.


I never really got to watch the squeezing and mixing part, but as usual, it is all to taste. Some freshly squeezed coconut milk, sugar and the duman are mixed together then refrigerated for a more pleasant snack. It will cool faster than the rice will absorb the liquid. But once it absorbs, you are stuck with mushy kind of mix, like the photo below. You won’t be slurping your way through it, but chewing through it, just like a chunky mashed potato. It will still have that creamy taste, and it will be softer. It really is up to you however you want it. 🙂

And these are things that I want to have still, and that’s why somehow, I’ll always revert to being domestic 🙂

Duman soaked in coconut milk 🙂

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