Yogurt Shake/Lassi

My shake in my giant glass

Have you ever felt sometime that when you get sick, you get a craving for just one food, and it doesn’t matter how much of it you eat, as long as that’s what you eat?

Well, I’ve been sick for the past couple of days and it reached to the point I won’t eat until it was that something I like. And the thing I was craving for was yogurt.

Though there are already a million flavors in the market and more still that you can do to make your own flavor, I was looking for a taste I couldn’t find. The yogurt filled me, but then I would be left wanting more of it. It was only after a day that I was craving for lassi, the yogurt drink.

The only time I drink lassi is when I’m in Mister Kabab in Quezon City. They sold everything Mediterranean and it has quite a following already. I never asked how they made the lassi. I just figured that made a shake out of the yogurt, and that was it.

My ingredients in the prep area

True enough, a quick google gave me a handful of recipes to mix with. With some of the yogurt in hand, and a couple more other ingredients in the fridge, I was ready to go.

I crushed/blended/grated the ice with about a quarter cup of milk. I figured this would be the best liquid to make sure the ice is crushed (as opposed to water). As soon as it was okay, I added the yogurt. Most of the time, it didn’t need ice anymore and I would just add a banana to smoothen and sweeten the mix. Ah, healthy food.

Some like it salthy though, and that would only leave the creamy yogurt option. The plain one with no fruits whatsoever can be mixed in with the ice and milk then sal thrown in the mix. 🙂 Whatever floats your boat. I have never tasted salty yogurt. (Oh wait, I have, on my first attempt at yogurt. I accidentally put salt instead of sugar, not happy about it.)

Of course, the fact that I had colds and cough wasn’t making drinking lassi the healthiest option. I kinda ruined my throat more by drinking this everyday, but at least it made me feel better, albeit temporarily.  🙂

Lassi/Yogurt Drink Recipe

4 ice cubes
1/4 to 1/3 cup milk, I used evaporated
yogurt of your choice
sugar or honey or other sweetener, to taste
banana for that creamier option

Blend first 2 ingredietns together until a fairly fine mixture is made. Add the rest and adjust to your taste. 🙂


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