Biscocho Haus

The grand entrance

What makes trips great for me are the small things that I discover during the trips that I usually don’t appreciate from stories or from what pasalubongs I receive from other people going there. First hand experiences are the best. 

One of these things involve the Biscocho Haus. They’re famous for a lot of their items including their galletas, butterscotch squares and others. But as their name calls for, their most famouse item, or at least from where they began, is the biscocho. Biscocho is basically a piece of bread that was slathered on with butter and sprinkled with sugar and toasted until dry. It has that crunchy and sweet texture that could become a dessert and a snack at the same time. 

First shelves

Upon entering the store, the old-fashioned design they have arching the doorway continued inside where everything was displayed in enclosed wooden aparador much like what they use in the old days. It’s furniture you would expect your grandparents to be using before. Otherwise, it was displayed on some locally weaved basket or still wooden but open shelves. It truly lends that homey feel that you think that one grandma is making all of these in the kitchen. 

More of their stuff

As interested as I was, I asked if it was possible to see the behind the scenes preparations since I was blogger (naks naman) and I have never seen anything like this. Because of the homey feel that the store gave, I thought that they would be warmer and more welcoming of queries like these. But no. I was declined upfront by the cashier/shelf refiller which disappointed me greatly. A plea got me instructions of writing a letter to the manager and for an approval by the same person. I mention coming all the way from Manila and that I will be going home in two days warranted nothing. I scoffed on my way out after lessening my purchases by half. 

And more!

Of course, one irate customer won’t fail their business, especeially since I wasn’t disappointed by my purchases and was actually looking for more. (Curse you, unfriendly people!) But then, at least it may serve as a reminder that people fronting the business to the customers should at least be more friendly and accommodating. 

Their paperbag

2 thoughts on “Biscocho Haus

  1. I doubt if they practice food safety, the place smells so old.
    Shamrock in Cebu is also the same, theire bldg in Mactan looks so creepy dirty.
    I dont. know if Merci and BongBong do practice gmp, for their bakery.

    1. i don’t think that cottage businesses like these are inspected much nor have rigorous food safety guidelines. I think that most business that started from the mom and pop kind are still run the same way, from their own kitchens, just a bit bigger. Besides, it’s the culture here that has lasted for so long already that matters, that people identify the item with the place.

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