Frosty Boy Whipped Cream by Ferna

Glorious whipped cream

I have never bothered to find other whipped cream alternatives besides the all-purpose cream that I have come to use repeatedly. It’s creamy alright, but not really the flavor I like when whipping it. It lacks the Starbucks whipped topping taste and consistency. And it doesn’t have that Pancake House stiff whipped cream pancake and waffle topper texture either. So what made the others so different?

I talked to one (and only one I know!) pastry chef who specializes in these things and asked for her advise. She recommended using Avocet, a non-dairy pastry cream used specifically for whipping. But a liter of that is so expensive! And the it only comes in liter packs. Though I’m not that cheap when it comes to experiments, something so unhealthy and so expensive will most probably not make it in my book. So another alternative has to be found.

Though I have never tried using the powdered version of whipped cream, I have seen it a couple of times when I go around baking materials shops and expos locally. And when the last World Food Expo came around, I specifically searched for this item, and found it in a local booth: Ferna.

Repacked item

Right on the label, it mentions that Frosty Boy is an Australian brand and Ferna is just a repacker here locally. It wasn’t as cheap as I thought it would be at P150 for 200g. I though it would be cheaper since it’s more stable to keep and handle. It wasn’t so, pricing around double than that of the all purpose cream.

Weighing the powder

It was a while before I tried it. A good month before I had the time and energy to play with it. But when I finally got around to it, I was pleased.

Yeah, this became whipped cream

The raw powdered form reminded me of coffee-creamer that I eat when I’m bored. It was a fine white sticky mess, a lot more sweeter than the creamer. It doesn’t look anything unusual, until I started whipping. I made it a very thick cream by just adding 100ml to 100g (as opposed to adding double the water) since I wanted something so thick I can slice it with a knife. Just like in Pancake House.

At first, it appeared to be some sludge, and slowly and slowly, it became the cream I was after. The thick kind that coats your tongue, but still light and airy at the same time. I was going to put this on top of the dessert I was making, but I think I actually ended up eating about 1/4 of the whole thing 🙂 Now to go look where I can find more of it 🙂


19 thoughts on “Frosty Boy Whipped Cream by Ferna

    1. Not yet actually, but I haven’t been looking hard since I came across the buy one take one promos of fresh whipping cream. I think most cooking stores have it, except when it runs out of stock! :S

      1. meron po s love2bake nito. hanapin nyo po sya s facebook. 500/ kilo price nila. s chocolate lover naman po miguilitos brand 450 per kilo.

  1. Hi, stable ba yung whipped cream from ferna? Balak k magbake ny cupcakes for an outdoor event and i’ll use this as an icing. Thanks

    1. It is, that’s why it is actually easier to use. It doesn’t melt like those made from cream. But I make it heavy (high ratio of powder to water) so that might also be a factor that’s why it is stable 🙂

  2. hi ask ko lang po kung pwede ito maging alternative for all purpose cream? i want to make home made ice cream (dti ksi nestle all purpose cream gmit ko, medyo pricey kasi). thanks

  3. Hi!
    Gusto ko sana itanong kung na store m ba sya sa piping bag and if you have any idea kung ilang days sya nag tagal. Second po if na try m sya sa whip cream dispenser? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi!
    Gusto ko sana itanong kung na store m ba sya sa piping bag and if you have any idea kung ilang days sya nag tagal. Second po if na try m sya sa whip cream dispenser? Thanks po in advance!

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