Avocado Ice Cream

A scoopful of goodness

With the overflow of avocado in our house, I was lucky to have some to experiment with. I was thinking of making it into ice cream knowing how creamy the final effect would be, but I was hesitant because after the vanilla ice cream experiment, I thought we were never going to finish that batch. I was feeling like ice cream was coming out of my ears that time. But mom was eager enough and supporting me in this idea.

I had around 15 pieces to use, and I ended up only using 3. They were big heavy ones. I googled this recipe and happily, it is from Alton Brown 😀 They only recommended 12 ounces! I ended up using 3 times that! I followed almost all the instructions, emphasizing in the almost, since the blender wouldn’t work with the thick avocado if I didn’t add anymore milk!

Avocado times three

So it called for some avocado, sugar, milk, and cream. I almost used condensed milk, so that the shake would be thicker and creamier. But remembering how creamy the fruit already is on its own, this time around, I followed the recipe, or at least in using the milk. Besides, there was cream to add too!

Ready to pour some cream
Avocado puree with some cream

I refrigerated the mixture overnight. As soon as morning came, I got my ice cream maker from the freezer and did two batches of the ice cream. Of course, the last batch wasn’t as frozen as the first one. We got a good 2 1/2 liters of this batch. I gave away some to the neighbor who gave us the fresh produce (hopefully, avocado isn’t coming out of their ears (yet)). And yay! It was good. It wasn’t overwhelmingly thick. Good thing I used whole milk instead of condensed 🙂

Churn baby churn

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