Customized Narra Chopping Board

My new spanking chopping block

I was keen on getting a present for myself something kitchen related. Though I never got my hands on any other copy of Alton Brown’s books (apparently categorized under “Professional” under Fully Booked and has only one copy per store when they ordered it), I am happy with some of the other stuff I got like the magnetic knife holder (still kept in the box, since no one in the house knows how to work the drill) and the ordered chopping board.

Fresh from the province, unsanded narra block

My chopping board was supposed to arrive the weekend after my birthday, but they got a little bit delayed in getting it and I just got my hands on it now. I ordered it at the MCPB Narra Furniture Store near our house, and the store is located just in Alabang Zapote Road (contact number of the owner is 09196513470). It took them a while but they didn’t disappoint. Though I was surprised to find it unsanded, like raw wood, when I got it, a quick sanding from one of the men there was easy enough to get. They sanded it down with #80 sandpaper for the coarse one, and another finer one for which I wasn’t able to get the number.

Kuya Manong sanding it down
Sanding it again

Upon checking it at home, I discovered it could do some more sanding and checked our stock sandpaper and was happy that we had higher grade (#160 and#360) sandpaper which I know would do the board more good. I never realized how hard work sanding it down is!!! I was afraid of my sweat dripping down the board! The men from MCPB made it look so easy. I was easily sweating by the time I was done with it. After that, seasoning.

Oiled spot, see how rich the wood looks?

I had looked up ways in maintaining a wooden chopping board. Most of them included oiling it with a non-spoiling oil like mineral oil or some other oil you get just for this purpose. I heated up some oil (as instructed) and lathered the wood down with oil on all sides. It’s best to keep soaking it in oil a couple of times when it’s newly bought to keep it from warping or cracking. Another thing to avoid is soaking it in water for the same reasons (I think). So it’ll be a good couple of days before I do any chopping on the board. 🙂

Wiping on some of the oil

But now, I feel guilty for not having maintained any of the boards the same way. I think I need to get the sandpaper out again 🙂


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