Almond Nougat

Soft (?) Nougat

It was on my last trip to Singapore that I’ve tried great tasting nougat. In my penchant of having “something from around here that’s really good”, my friends brought me to Jones the Grocer. It is actually not a local store but damn, everything there I wanted to try. I bought truffle (like the real black thing from the ground) laced chocolates, tasted some cheese, got triple chocolate cookies as pasalubongs, etc. But one of the things that I fell in love with there is the nougat.

Almonds to be thrown in

I was suddenly craving for some recently and was almost pleading for my friends to bring me home soon when I realized that I can just make some! The only requirement I have in making anything is being able to access all ingredients in the mix. Some of the recipes, I made to do with substitutions. Very difficult instructions are also a turn-off, like in the initial recipe of nougat I found (link forgotten and deleted). But I ran across this!  It seemed so simple! So I made it 🙂

Egg white, just one

I read through the recipe and it was just like icing. Except for the nuts. So I was thinking that the worst thing that can happen to me is have a handful of icing encrusted almond. As I was doing it, I looked for my meat (don’t have candy) thermometer and was aghast! It only reached up to 220 degrees when the candy called for 275! But there was a guide of letting it boil for 3 to 5 minutes. So I did, crossing my fingers that it will reach that temperature.

Like sugar syrup, but with honey and glucose

I whipped the egg whites with the sugar and was happy it was getting glossy. It was thick by the time I looked at it again and was looking to a very chewy nougat! I cooled dumped in the buttered cook and bake paper and covered it with another one. Placed my favorite heavy book on top overnight in the fridge for some good setting. (The difference between marshmallows and nougat are the nougats are weighted down).

Heavy book!

But when I woke up, the nougat was… soft! It’s not like icing. But it’s not like nougat. It’s like their daughter! Or son! But it was sooo goooood. I hope that the next time I make it, it will harden like it’s supposed to do so. I’m blaming this all on the lack of thermometer 😀 So hopefully, I’ll be getting one soon 🙂


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