Hot Green Pepper Sauce

On the Fire

It’s been a long while since we went to the Villasis Market in Pangasinan and I was surprised to find some vegetables still in our fridge from that trip. Of course the green leafy vegetables, along with the crab and tomatoes from Tarlac, were already long gone but the surprising survivor was the green chili pepper. Okay, so that maybe not it’s real name, but the only other name I have found for it is the siling pang-sigang. Well, this website describes it as the Long Green Pepper. Hmmm. Simple enough.

"Out of the fire, into the frying pan" 😛

So there we have a bagful of that pepper with some of it already wilted and slimy to a mushy green mess. Luckily, I was looking through hot sauces on the internet the same day and got some sensible mix of what I can do it.

In the blender

Having a penchant for roasted green peppers (canned, mind you), I decided to follow the technique of roasting them before blending them together, rather than cooking them in vinegar (I do hate vinegar). My first attempt at roasting them was a fail, so I followed mom’s advice. From straight grilling (like you do tortang talong) to on the pan. High heat, smoking pan, and cooking peppers is a bad combination. There was a time I choked on the scent on the items on the pan. Set them aside when blackened a bit, then cool.

For a friend who's a long green chili fiend

Peel each pepper one by one and keep it whole. Dump in the blender. I had maybe 1 1/2 cups cooked, peeled, and wilted peppers in total. I added some salt, a spoonful of sugar and oil. I continued to whiz until it became a thick puree. I decided to add some vinegar, used apple cider, to make it more pourable. About half a cup. I tasted a smidgen and it was HOT. So to dilute the mix, I had to add more oil. Tasters beware. It can pack a big punch. Right now, it’s a pourable but thick sauce, almost lke a mustard.

with fries, the sauce with mayo 3:1 ratio 🙂

Top of my head, I would pair this with french fries and mayo, or some cheese sticks (akin to the cheese sticks cooked with the same peppers). A friend suggested grilled liempo. Wow. Yummy.

Green Chili Sauce Recipe

 A bunch of long green chili (siling pangsigang) about 50 pieces or so, 1 to 2 cups of oil (used extra virgin olive oil), 1/3 to ½ cup vinegar, salt, sugar

 Char the skins of the peppers by putting them on top of the fire, or on a very hot pan over the stove. You may also do this under a broiler (which I don’t have any experience with) or in the oven. Let them sweat for a couple of minutes for easier removal of the skin. Peel everything while preparing proper gloves. Handling a lot of these may burn you or you may accidentally touch your eye. After peeling and removing the stems, dump everything in the blender and whiz. Add about ¼ cup of the oil and 1/8 cup of the vinegar to process the pureeing. Season. Adjust the oil as you see fit. It should be the consistency of mustard, or salad dressing. To make it pour watery, use the vinegar. To make it less hot, use the oil. Done.

 We served it with fries mixed with mayo. And as a dip for chips also.


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