Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo Chicken Wings!


 One of my all time favorites since I tasted it in Don Henrico’s at my birthday so many years ago. And throughout the years, I have researched, attempted and invented so many recipes that I don’t even use a gauge on how to do it. Even the sauce depends on what items we have in our fridge. And I think that makes me a good cook (though a very bad baker). 

This batch of wings came up on a whim when we had to prepare a sudden dinner for a handful of people for my Tita’s despedida.  On a whim meaning it was decided the morning before the dinner. So we still had time to buy groceries and think what items will go togehter. One was pancit, one was the guacamole and this one was the main dish, the buffalo chicken wings. Okay, so it’s an obvious mix of east meets west, but we’re not talking about that now. 

Fried Chicken Assembly Line


 Though I have done this recipe a dozen times, I don’t think I have reached its perfection. The crunchy yet oozing with sauce kind of buffalo wings. Wherein you can’t help but get dirty. But for now, this scores an 8 out of 10 for me. The missing two points coming from the lack of heat that I got, no matter how spiced the sauce was. Luckily, the dipping sauce was gratifying enough. The white garlic sauce, as always, is a perfect 10! 

I had ate Pines prepare a batch of fried chicken wings for me, no additional prepping needed besides the salt, pepper, flour mix typical of our daily (fine, weekly) fried chicken. And on the side, I prepared my mix. It’s a mix of everything from all the recipes I gathered from before. A little tweaking necessary every now and then. Set aside the sauce then on a big bowl, add around 5 to 6 chicken wings a time, then drizzle with sauce. Toss and turn. Toss some more. Add more of the buffalo wings sauce if necessary. Then set aside. Do this more around 5 times (if for a party) and maybe one more time (if just for your family, unless you eat as if you’re the whole party). Then serve on the side with the very garlicky sauce. Yummy. 

The ingredients


 Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe 


3 kilos or 30 pieces of wings, salt, pepper, flour for coating 

Season the chicken wings with the salt and pepper. You may actually add something hot at this point, like tabasco, chili flakes or what have you. Coat in flour before deep frying in oil. Set aside. 

Buffalo Wings Sauce 

Honey, tamis-anghang (sweet and spicy) banana ketchup (UFC, if you’re asking for a brand), hot sauce, chili flakes, sugar, worcestershire sauce 

So technically, this is just a mix of everything. Around a cup of banana ketchup with half a cup of honey, and half a cup of worcestershire sauce.  Everything else is to taste. Mix, taste, add a bit. Until you found the right taste for you, just keep on adding. Just make sure you add just a bit at a time, I don’t know what you’ll do if you end up with ten cups of the sauce because you keep on adding! Make sure to spice and salt it more than necessary. Remember, you’re eating this with the chicken. 

With some pieces of the chicken in the bowl, add some of the sauce and swirl it around. Toss to coat the other side, and swirl some more. Now put in a big bucket, or serving platter. Then do ten more times, or as needed 🙂 

The Buffalo Wings Sauce


Garlic Sauce 

1 cup sour cream (or 1/2 cup mayo plus 1/2 cup milk), 3 to 4 minced garlic 

Mix everything together, but adding the garlic a spoonful at a time. Remember, I love garlic. I can eat it raw, I add it whole to my soups, and I make use of roasted garlic as my side dish. Just make sure the garlic is flavorful enough in the sauce without people wanting to recruit you for the next shake, rattle and roll series to ward off the evil spirits. Serve with the chicken. 

Of course, this is also good on burgers (as mentioned here), fajitas, fries, burritos, tacos, shawarma, etc.


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