Salsa and Guacamole

On a Nova chip


I fell in love with salsa while in college. There’s this newly opened restaurant in Katipunan around our fourth year in college, 2005, called Tia Maria’s. They served Mexican/Southwestern food complete with eat all you can salsa in a handful of different flavors (Fresca, a red one, a green one, an almost pureed stuff and others that I can’t remember). Their burritos, fajitas and whatchamacallits were perfectly matched to your liking of salsa, from mild to super spicy ones. And that’s the time I learned how to make salsa. 

Again, the tomato line


Now guacamole is another thing. I have never tried (made or eaten) guacamole. One reason is that I grew up eating it plain or just with milk and sugar, and I can’t imagine eating it with salsa. And the second is I don’t know how it is supposed to taste like. That is until I tasted it at Chili’s with ate’s order. 

 I really found it yummy. Like salsa, but creamy. And that’s the only way I can sell it to friends, it is salsa, but yummier. I served the salsa at a party and it was a hit. More than everything else on display, this received acclaims. Maybe because it is both unusual and yummy. A second round (of applause) was received heartily in the office when served to those who are willing to eat. Apparently, some people just don’t like avocadoes, and some really do have an aversion of trying to eat new food. Reminds me of the kid at home. 

But here it is, the wonderful, meticulously mind blowing salsa turned guacamole recipe. 🙂 



Salsa/Guacamole Recipe 


15 tomatoes, 2 medium onions, 1 to 2 lemons, around 3 big bunches of cilantro, bird’s eye chili, sugar, salt 

Blanch all the tomatoes by first prepping a pot of boiling water and an ice bath. Put an x mark with a knife on the bottom of the tomatoes, just only penetrating the skin but not the meat of the tomato and drop in the hot water. Boil for around 10 to 20 seconds, then pull out and plunge in the ice bath. Remove from the ice bath once it has cooled down. Do to all the tomatoes and set aside for more of the preparations. 



Starting from the x on the bottom of the tomatoes, peel the tomato cleanly. Cut it in half and remove the seeds and most of the wet pulp. Also cut off the part where the tomato is attached to the vine to remove any hard chewing. Dice into 1cm squares (can do it smaller or bigger, to your preference).  Set aside.
Avocado Slush


Dice the onions into tiny pieces and lightly cook over low flame on a pan. This is to kill any sharpness that the onion has, and cool immediately. Do not brown or sauté. Once cooled, mix in with the onions. 



Chop the cilantro and dump also into the tomato onion mix. Do the same with the chili, but to your taste. Juice the lemons into the salsa, half lemon at a time, and adjust accordingly. Add a handful of sugar, and a dash of salt. Always season to your taste.
Serving chips with dip 🙂



3 ripe avocadoes, 200ml sour cream or plain cream 

Dump everything into the blender, minus the avocado pit and skin. Puree until smooth. Instead of the topping the avocadoes with the salsa, I mixed everything in, minus the juices from the salsa. 

Serve it with chips! 


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