What’s in Your Pantry?

Two years ago, I started getting so much inventory of all different kinds of items. We had the basics of flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder and choco chips. Then came the different kinds, sort of things you used once a month or less, like corn meal, semolina, liqueurs, food dye, raisins, etc. Then of course, when I sold my items, I had tons and tons of packaging left behind, along with the cling wrap, boxes and plastic packagings. Whew. Ang dami.

So my mom alloted me my own “pantry” area. I keep everything there. Random items, random stuff, and even random things that other people put in. It is quite a mess. I can still be neater, but any more than the usual is useless because really, who has the time to fix stuff like that everyday?

I decided to evaluate the contents of my pantry since it’s my choices why the stuff are there in the first place.

First two layers of mess

I had mostly nonfood inventory on the first layer. So can that be excused? Plastics, boxes, some food stuff that was placed there for convenience (no more space!) and my cracked weighing scale. Second is mostly food with shortening, cornmeal, raisins, coffee for brewing, citron, sesame seed dressing, epsom salts, plus tray liners, Viet coffee makers and pepper grinder. It’s not that bad, is it?

Last two layers

Third layer has Jarell’s cooler, some giant cling wrap, chocolates in the tupperware, some pasta at the back, more food containers (supposedly for ice cream) and below are more of the usual household inventory like Longkow sotanghon, some pancit canton, spaghetti sauces and fruit cocktail. Do you think that’s a lot? You should see our whole household inventory.

We still have the area under the buffet table we keep canned goods in. We have the usual breakfast fare of spam, maling, corned beef, etc, then my sardines, mom’s sardines and salmon, canned and bottled fruits, canned milks and cream, etc. Then the one in the kitchen that has all the sauces like soy sauce, ketchups (we keep 2 to 3 brands at a time), vinegars, fish sauce, Mang Tomas, etc. There’s more! We still have a place where we put the sachets in that includes taco sauces, kare kare sauces, sinigang mixes, broth cubes, noodles and mongo beans. We’re well stocked. 🙂


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