Minatamis na Langka (Sweetened Jackfruit)

On our most recent trip to Tarlac, we ended up having one un-yummy jackfruit in our hands. The kind that isn’t as sweet as you want, or as old as you want. What we got was a young one, forced to ripen, with thin stringy meat with some hint of sweetness but no satisfaction whatsoever. It has been in our freezer for almost for two weeks when I decided we better improve on it, hence, the minatamis na langka.

It was a regular sugar syrup, with about 1:2 ratio of water to sugar, cooked down and in we put the fruit. The water from the langka made the syrup more watery than I liked, but it is still much better than the fruit as is. The sugar also made the meat tougher, making it appear thicker than it really is. It’s more like of a last ditch effort for the langka. But at least we saved it. 🙂

Minatamis na Langka Recipe

1 kilo of langka devoid of seeds, 1 cup sugar, ½ cup water

 Create a sugar syrup by boiling the sugar and water over low heat. Don’t allow to brown too much (unless you really like the jackfruit caramelized). Once the syrup has become a goopy liquid, put in the fruit (any fruit will work the same way) and let it simmer for a good 10 minutes to ensure that all of the fruits are cooked slowly in the sugar and that their flavors develop. Cool. Set aside.


5 thoughts on “Minatamis na Langka (Sweetened Jackfruit)

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  2. Your recipe is yummy but the quality of langka is soft. Do you have any idea how to make langka tastes
    like prune’s quality.

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