Paning’s Butong Pakwan (Watermelon Seeds)

After buying a pack of the Paning’s Butong Pakwan almost two months ago, mom has been eating this nonstop. We have gone all the way to Fort in Market Market from Las Pinas when she was craving a couple of weeks ago to buy that (and some Buddy’s Lucban Longganisa). And now, even I and my sister (look at recent entry for picture) have been snacking it after a full dinner, much like dinner mints. It gets the sweet edge off from all the desserts we’ve been having, and a way to extend meal time without adding so much calories (but with the addition of possibly ruining our teeth from all the cracking).

Nothing seems to be simpler than this (except for fresh fruits) as one of the top joys of Filipino snacks. You get the salt from cracking the skin and that muted taste of the meat in the nut that you can’t stop snacking on once you get started. Although I have a preference of the squash seeds (easier to crack and still tastier for me overall), I can’t deny the addiction we have been going through for the past months. Whoever invented this sure had lots of giant seeds in their watermelon. I want to actually see the real watermelon these seeds came from. Can anyone give me one? Or even just a picture? 🙂


21 thoughts on “Paning’s Butong Pakwan (Watermelon Seeds)

      1. They have stalls in the outdoor food court, near the parking lot. 🙂 I can’t remember which stall though. Sometimes also in the vegetable area, there’s someone selling the Paning’s 🙂

  1. My husband and I are TOTALLY addicted to these dried melon seeds! You can get them from Shoppesville in the middle section where they sell different pasalubongs. You can also buy them from the FTI tiangge – Saturdays only. They are also sold at Rowena’s in Tagaytay. One time I bought a SACK for one thousand pesos. The company will give you small plastic bags.

  2. been looking for this in all d’ groceries ive been…bought 1kilo once in nueva ecija where we buy our sylvanna’s…if only i knew then that it’s soo good i wudve bought a sack…so do i havta go to shopsville/marketmarket to find this?? wonder why they don’t have this in major supermarkets..its a bang/blast eating paning’s..addictive yo!!

    1. It’s more of a specialty item. Maybe the production is still not enough for it to go mainstream? But I’ve seen it also in weekend bazaars in Salcedo, Legaspi, SM Makati, to name a few. But yeah, Market Market is one place I’ve found this consistently. 🙂

  3. Hi po pwedi ku po bang malaman kung mayron panings butong pakwan or kalabasa na shop sa cebu?kasi dati naghahanap ako sa supermarket wala akong para makabili sana kahit tag kalahating sako mayron po kayang mabibili ng ganon sa cebu..tnx po ng marami..Godbless.

  4. tried finding where to buy it and saw that promdi deli is selling paning’s butong pakwan. called them and was told that they have stocks. promdi deli is in c. raymundo ave., pasig

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