Lava Cakes on Sale at S&R

I went to S&R  to check some of their imported items and ended up buying some lava cakes which were on sale at P199 from P299 (or was it P399?). There was a sampling and it was the first time I tasted it. It was great! Especially with six big pieces at that price! But it was a bit of cheating. 😛

Lava cakes should have that molten center of chocolate almost like being underbaked, but not really. I remember making this before where you can’t really even overbake it because there was so much chocolate in the batter, it was never going to get hard in the middle. And then, there was the other one I still have to try where you actually put a golf ball size chocolate ganache in the middle before baking so that once pulled out of the oven, chocolate oozes out from the middle. Now that’s Lava Cake.

But the S&R one? Nah. It’s more of a chocolate sponge cupcake style, with some icing and some piped in icing. Reminds me of Lemon Square’s Dream (but hey, I love that, and they don’t do false advertising on the item calling it molten lava cake or something!) You can actually see where the icing is piped in the cupcake! When you get down to it, the sponge is moist, but I don’t like it plain. But the icing, it was good, a bit sweet for me since I have a dark chocolate icing preference, but it was what topped the cake (literally and figuratively). So the final verdict? I’ll buy it again, just tell me it’s cupcake 🙂

Note that the picture in the packaging is 1/3 empty after it has been attacked by Jarell and mom before my camera could reach it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lava Cakes on Sale at S&R

  1. you should microwave it for about 20seconds to have the chocolate icing melt and that’s what you call lava cake. just bought it too the other day. its soooo goood.

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