Villasis Market

Coming from Manaoag, we passed by the “fruit bowl” of the Philippines, Villasis in Pangasinan. My mom, tita and I couldn’t help ourselves from shopping in their public market. And we hauled around a thousand pesos worth of goodies.  I just have to say, a food purist like me has my heart set on doing a major check on every nice public market there is.

We started off with the bulk of our expenses. Crabs.  It was half of our total expenditure and they weighed a lot. Three big pieces at 480 wasn’t bad at all. And the vegetables came. (Side note here. My mom can go wild with her vegetable purchases in any random market. This was not an exception.) Do I even dare say what we ended up buying? This honestly competes with the Mahogany Market haul we did before.

Php 100 of Kalabasa flowers, half a kilo of green finger chilis (for the spicy sinigang and cheese sticks)

And a bag full of the following items: kalamansi, sitaw, talbos of EVERYTHING, kalabasa, mangoes, chico, onions, bunga (fruits) ng malunggay (my pick), baby eggplants, langka

And more.

Things we stopped ourselves from buying: A kaing (bushel?)of mangoes, more camachile, singkamas, tomatoes just because they were expensive at Php20!

And with that shopping experience, my need for a permanent residence in Tarlac beats louder. J


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