• Left side is coffee, right is classic

    Coffee and Classic Rubs

    0 standard
  • Browned a bit, browner at the bottom

    Pao de Queijo

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  • 20150519_130308

    Chicken, Vegetable and Rice Casserole

    3 standard
  • Yummy noodles

    Thai Version: Ants Climbing A Tree

    2 standard
  • Rubs

    Dry Rubs

    1 standard
  • My own twirling looks good on cam

    Quick Eats: Bamboo Charcoal Ice Cream from Lawson

    2 standard
  • Pate-like texture of the bottarga

    Bottarga Pasta Version 2

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  • Ice cream!

    Quick Eats: Black Sesame Ice Cream from Family Mart

    2 standard
  • The after shot :)

    Quick Eats: Ramen Kuroda

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  • Thai curry

    Thai Curry – Not so Red :P

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