• I'm an Urbanite with a dream of becoming utterly Domestic in the kitchen (I do need internet. And bathroom. Functioning bathrooms). I have lived in the city all of my life, but dream of farms, fresh produce and local ingredients. My forays into the culinary world are mostly experiential, which is the best.

    I try crazy cuisines, recreate instant or fast-food into slow-cooked food at home, and make instant noodles elegant. I hunt for ingredients in the most random places. I can live on one kind of food until I get sick of it. Then not eat it for months. I haven't found the recipe for the perfect brown puto which we used to have in Lucban, nor have I been able to start my own Kombucha tea. I like wine, but I like cocktails more.

    Besides all that, I travel. I am a frustrated artist and pianist. I like sports until I get tired.I dream of becoming an author. But nothing beats slaving in the kitchen for 4 hours and seeing your family and friends enjoy the food, while you are just too damn tired to even eat.

Meal 1

Sumptuous Seafood Meals

One advantage of living in the Philippines is the access to so much seafood. One bigger advantage of going to random islands in the country is you get an idea of what the specialties are, in terms of food. It was a worthy trip. An hour’s flight, 2 vans with 3.5 hours of land travel, … Continue reading

Suman sa latik

Suman from Kalibo

Of course, this does not represent all the suman in Kalibo. To think that we bought these near the airport for pasalubong or gifts. And we only bought one kind of the three she was selling, because our sweet tooth made us buy these. This is called suman sa latik. Suman generally encompasses a lot … Continue reading

Relaunching My Cooking Class

I would like to relaunch my cooking class! :) I took a seat back on this and declined some who were inquiring. But I hope that a boost today will bring in more inquiries. Please see below for the link back, as well as what is posted on the cooking class page. :) ________________________________________________________ I … Continue reading

Cooking the other side

How to Make Hopia

I like hopia as much as the next person but I generally don’t seek it out as a snack. I still like diced hopia the best, with it’s creamy monggo center that is sweet and mushy, surrounded by the flaky crust. I actually only like it when it is freshly cooked, hot from the pan. … Continue reading

Mussels in Spicy Cream Sauce

Remember when I late ate Champetre? Maybe not. But this is a French restaurant and a place where I was able to try some food for the very first time in my life (thanks bea!). But one of the simplest but doable for me was the clams/mussels in the seafood cream sauce. I was experimenting with … Continue reading

Mrs. May's

Mrs. May’s

My brother and sister-in-law, all the way in Gensan, , sent us a box of these freeze dried fruits. At first I though they would be like the Seneca Apple Chips or the Vinamit dried fruits from Vietnam. But the huge difference I think is the texture. Drying made the fruits sweeter and crisper, but … Continue reading

Looks good

Quick Eats: Yoshinoya, Glorietta

I have never eaten at this restaurant before and it feels like I am making a review for Jollibee or McDonald’s. But in anycase, I don’t shoo away reviews for restaurants and would happily review great eateries on the roadside if I come across some, which I haven’t really explored. I am not sure why … Continue reading


Toasted Ice Cream

I like ice cream. I like it so much that when I was in the US, I tried most of the ice cream places and new stuff I saw in supermarket shelves. And also even when the temperature dropped to 0 degrees. And the fact that I make it at home too when I have … Continue reading

Rmane, the noodles were actually nice :)

Quick Eats: Tetsu, SM Southmall

There are rarely new restaurants in SM Southmall that I like to try. But this one sprouted quite recently, in replacement of the  Hainanese Chicken that closed its doors quickly. I wasn’t sure what their specialty is and we just went inside because there were less people in here. I was surprised when I saw … Continue reading

Chicken, Mushroom, Cheese and Rice

Originally, this was a recipe for parmesan chicken, mushroom and rice. So given the fact that I didn’t have parmesan, I made to do with some cheddar cheese. But in general, I think I have been feeling quite uninspired to make up new dishes that I have been barely cooking, and if I am, I … Continue reading


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