Without the soup and garlic and mushroom yet
  • I'm an Urbanite with a dream of becoming utterly Domestic in the kitchen (I do need internet. And bathroom. Functioning bathrooms). I have lived in the city all of my life, but dream of farms, fresh produce and local ingredients. My forays into the culinary world are mostly experiential, which is the best.

    I try crazy cuisines, recreate instant or fast-food into slow-cooked food at home, and make instant noodles elegant. I hunt for ingredients in the most random places. I can live on one kind of food until I get sick of it. Then not eat it for months. I haven't found the recipe for the perfect brown puto which we used to have in Lucban, nor have I been able to start my own Kombucha tea. I like wine, but I like cocktails more.

    Besides all that, I travel. I am a frustrated artist and pianist. I like sports until I get tired.I dream of becoming an author. But nothing beats slaving in the kitchen for 4 hours and seeing your family and friends enjoy the food, while you are just too damn tired to even eat.

Without the soup and garlic and mushroom yet

Pork Noodle Soup

Mie Keriting with Babi Sop. Pork noodle soup, simply put. It is copied from old post of chicken noodle soup, Indonesian style. But since Indonesia is a Muslim country, referring to the pork soup in Bahasa seems wrong, hence the English title of this post. The thing is, I only made this pork because I … Continue reading

More chocolate

Chocolate Truffles

Surprisingly, I have never made real chocolate truffles. I made nutella ones, which were good, but not the regular ones. When we stayed overnight in Sofitel before, we ended up watching Masterchef on TV and they were making truffles. Some looked ridiculous, some apparently tasted good. But before I get there, I have to make … Continue reading

Instant laksa

Maggi Laksa Noodles (from Singapore)

I was in Singapore recently and ended raiding Cold Storage for random grocery items that I saw or wanted to cook with. One thing that looked promising was the Maggie Instant Noodles Laksa flavor. I can easily make laksa, and I have done so repeatedly. But sometimes, you just want to eat it without having … Continue reading

Still looks good

Burger Machine’s Sansrival

I read about the sansrival of Burger Machine from Pepper and I was definitely curious. It doesn’t help that I have never tried a burger from there. But on one hot sunny day, on my way home, I decided to try it. Reading it from a friend’s Facebook thread was the final push. What is … Continue reading

Liempo slices

Inihaw na Liempo Part 2

Ever since my trip to Kalibo a few weeks ago, I have been craving on and off for inihaw na liempo (or grilled pork belly). It’s not that I am being deprived of it. But the though of having it again and again. Ah. Well, who can blame me. When I was in the US … Continue reading

Red egg

Bibingka at Home

i remember trying to make some bibingka before, but I am not sure why I don’t have this in my blog. I remember wanting to buy the small clay pots for the bibingka and making an attempt to do so. It involved intense heat and charcoal. I can’t even remember how it tasted like. But … Continue reading


Copying Pepper Lunch’s Chicken Rice

I have some posts already devoted to Pepper Lunch. Search it up and the many attempts to recreate it are there too. The food there is simple. Appears to be easy to make. But the first time I tried making it, I realized that having a “sauce” with the chicken and the corn was not … Continue reading


Fresh Tomato Pasta

I rarely use fresh tomatoes in making pasta. I usually cook down the tomatoes after peeling and deseeding them until they create a sauce. I have been spying some small tomatoes in our pantry and figured I can treat them like grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, though those would be sweeter usually. I am fond … Continue reading

First plate

My Favorite Hotel Buffet: Spiral, Sofitel

I have talked about this buffet a couple of times already. I don’t talk about it every time I eat here, but I think I should. This breakfast lasted me the whole day actually. So besides making it sound that I am such a glutton, I just wanted to share how I love this place. … Continue reading

Cheese "plate"

Random Cheeses from a Hotel

We all know how I love cheese. Or now at least now you do. I am such a cheese fiend that most cheeses, even the really smelly ones, I like. It takes some getting used to. And I have been trying cheeses for years. (My first taste of brie was when I was maybe 9 … Continue reading


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