In the pot
  • I'm an Urbanite with a dream of becoming utterly Domestic in the kitchen (I do need internet. And bathroom. Functioning bathrooms). I have lived in the city all of my life, but dream of farms, fresh produce and local ingredients. My forays into the culinary world are mostly experiential, which is the best.

    I try crazy cuisines, recreate instant or fast-food into slow-cooked food at home, and make instant noodles elegant. I hunt for ingredients in the most random places. I can live on one kind of food until I get sick of it. Then not eat it for months. I haven't found the recipe for the perfect brown puto which we used to have in Lucban, nor have I been able to start my own Kombucha tea. I like wine, but I like cocktails more.

    Besides all that, I travel. I am a frustrated artist and pianist. I like sports until I get tired.I dream of becoming an author. But nothing beats slaving in the kitchen for 4 hours and seeing your family and friends enjoy the food, while you are just too damn tired to even eat.

In the pot


I did talk about making cocido after eating it in Barcino. I have gone across this before during my pochero days (in the hunt for more local food that I have to try and make). But I never tried because it seemed to have so many ingredients. Fast forward to today where I was actually … Continue reading

The dessert area, first thing I spotted

Quick Eats: Corniche, Diamond Hotel

I attended a seminar recently and lunch was at Corniche, Diamond Hotel’s restaurant. Though I barely eat anything new in any buffet assortment, I love being able to try out the different hotels and their food simply because I don’t know what I will discover. I do gravitate towards the same foods that I like. … Continue reading

I finished off the bread :P

How Do I Eat My Gravlax?

It’s funny how I go to all the effort of making and curing gravlax and all my mom can say when I offer it to her is if I can cook it for her. These requests sometimes leave me speechless (same with asking a steak to be cooked well-done), but I allow it because you … Continue reading


Quick Eats: Barcino, Alabang Town Center

It’s mom’s birthday last October 6 and after celebrating with family on the 5th (Sunday), we decided to take advantage of the holiday to eat out and celebrate again. :) Barcino is quite new in the south. And though we frequent this place in Rockwell, Fort and Greenbelt, it is mostly for wine, more than … Continue reading

Look at that shine!!!

French Mashed Potato

I wanted some mashed potatoes the other day and decided to make a “french” one, with mostly butter. Hell, all butter and no cream. This maybe one of the first things I made when I was still a newbie in the kitchen. I mean, how can you go wrong with mashed potatoes? But now, it’s … Continue reading


Karoun Greek Yogurt

I was in S&R with my mom and my older sister when I noticed a push cart of another customer that had two big containers of yogurt. I like yogurt that I even used to make them on my own. But I was the only one who would consume it until I got sick of … Continue reading

After curing, notice the brighter color

Gravlax, Again :P

If you have been reading my blog for years (wow, I applaud you and you deserve to eat some of the food I cook) or months, you would notice my love for smoked or cured salmon. I say cured too because gravlax is technically unsmoked. But they really just taste the same for me, and … Continue reading

Drinks and dessert

Quick Eats: Cafe Pascucci, Glorietta

We were in Glorietta that night with attempts to plan our lives (we just partly planned it only). Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has always been our default coffee/dessert place after dinner, but at Ara’s suggestion, we walked the other direction and stopped here at Cafe Pascucci. Sounds Italian, but am not really sure what … Continue reading

Mickey Ears!

Corner Cafe, Main Street, Disneyland Hong Kong

I will end up disappointing you on this one. Only one of our ordered dishes (lunch and dinner) had the Mickey Mouse shape in it. Well, minus the kid’s dish. Of course that had Mickey in it. :) It was more of a great location more than anything else when we ended up sitting here. … Continue reading

Zushi Ana, Times Square, Hong Kong

After the many Chinese dishes we have been eating, we opted to go Japanese. Our frequent requirement to eat out was simply to have rice on the menu. Our little girl travel companion, though is fine eating cereal for breakfast, and a bit of bread, will really say, “Eat rice!” when she is hungry. It’s … Continue reading


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