• I'm an Urbanite with a dream of becoming utterly Domestic in the kitchen (I do need internet. And bathroom. Functioning bathrooms). I have lived in the city all of my life, but dream of farms, fresh produce and local ingredients. My forays into the culinary world are mostly experiential, which is the best.

    I try crazy cuisines, recreate instant or fast-food into slow-cooked food at home, and make instant noodles elegant. I hunt for ingredients in the most random places. I can live on one kind of food until I get sick of it. Then not eat it for months. I haven't found the recipe for the perfect brown puto which we used to have in Lucban, nor have I been able to start my own Kombucha tea. I like wine, but I like cocktails more.

    Besides all that, I travel. I am a frustrated artist and pianist. I like sports until I get tired.I dream of becoming an author. But nothing beats slaving in the kitchen for 4 hours and seeing your family and friends enjoy the food, while you are just too damn tired to even eat.

My plate, what I liked from the spread

Quick Eats: Uncle Cheffy’s Seafood Buffet, Alabang

I have never eaten at Uncle Cheffy’s before. But trying to find a place that combined both seafood and beer (the boyfie’s request) and we ended prowling around Molito area. We initially entered a different restaurant, but was suggested to try the Seafood buffet of Uncle Cheffy’s. We climbed up and found a limited, but … Continue reading

Nice color of the spring roll

Fried Vietnamese Spring Roll

And here I go again for the familiar yet a bit different. This looks pretty but a skimp on the ingredients made it actually taste completely different. There was no shrimp, cucumber or cillantro and basil in it. It was technically a different flavored pancit, wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried. But the concept was … Continue reading


Sesame Ginger Chicken

I was all excited for this because it would be a familiar taste, but ideally would still be a little change from what we are used to. The taste, given all the ingredients, I knew, would taste like Hainanese chicken, but a more Chinese style of sauteing and flavoring. We love Hainanese at home, so … Continue reading


Quick Eats: Paella of San Mig Pub, Alabang Town Center

I have never eaten at this place, and I am kinda glad I tried it, though just one dish won’t be enough to actually rate it at all. I have been enjoying pub food but since San Mig looked like an older person’s bar (I still have the same mentality of it when I was … Continue reading

My plate

Quick Eats: La Fiesta Filipino Cuisine, Mall of Asia

We were supposed to eat at a different restaurant but they were having trouble with some technical stuff and to the luck of the La Fiesta, they were the ones beside that restaurant and we ended up eating there. Price is at P599 on weekday lunches which wasn’t so bad. A bit expensive, but manageable. … Continue reading

On the dish

Steak Pasta

I ate so much steak over the weekend, to be honest. There was the meal at Draft, and another one in Mamou. But we had some leftovers from Draft and I decided to make something out of it. Steak pasta. I am “trying” to cut down on the unhealthy stuff (not obvious, I know) and … Continue reading

Pepper steak with the yummy gravy

Another Review: Draft Gastropub, Alabang

It is when you go to a restaurant dubbed as a pub, and you actually go for the food, it is when you realize how good their food is. It was Saturday morning when we went to Draft, in the recently opened branch. There were other families dining there as well, and no beer on … Continue reading

With the sambal and lemon on my plate

Fried Hokkien Mee

And with a new travel, I bring home some good ideas for cooking when I do have the time. And this is one of the dishes I tried in Singapore, Hokkien Mee. Technically, it is just friend noodles. J But with the shrimp flavor adding a different kind of flair. I read this recipe from … Continue reading



Sometimes, you get a craving for food that you don’t know even know where it comes from. Well, for  this one, I had a slight idea. We were so hungry over lunch a couple of days ago that we resorted to some quick kakanin (rice) snacks that was for sale. I had puto bumbong and … Continue reading


Quick Eats: Champetre, Fort

I rarely eat at any French restaurants simply because of the price. And I am assuming that this restaurant is no exception. Though I didn’t share the bill (thank you bea!) I can just imagine how much the meal is. I am assuming it would be about P6000 minimum for the four of us who … Continue reading


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