A salad bowl in hand
  • I'm an Urbanite with a dream of becoming utterly Domestic in the kitchen (I do need internet. And bathroom. Functioning bathrooms). I have lived in the city all of my life, but dream of farms, fresh produce and local ingredients. My forays into the culinary world are mostly experiential, which is the best.

    I try crazy cuisines, recreate instant or fast-food into slow-cooked food at home, and make instant noodles elegant. I hunt for ingredients in the most random places. I can live on one kind of food until I get sick of it. Then not eat it for months. I haven't found the recipe for the perfect brown puto which we used to have in Lucban, nor have I been able to start my own Kombucha tea. I like wine, but I like cocktails more.

    Besides all that, I travel. I am a frustrated artist and pianist. I like sports until I get tired.I dream of becoming an author. But nothing beats slaving in the kitchen for 4 hours and seeing your family and friends enjoy the food, while you are just too damn tired to even eat.

Maroon ones :)

Maroon Patani/Lima Beans

I like lima beans. I love it that I can call it my favorite bean, which sounds really odd, and crazy. But I do like my food you know. :) The only problem is having to peel the outer skin it has, which, when dealing with the smaller beans, is really annoying. But mom came … Continue reading

Thai Papaya Salad

I have to be upfront about this. This has to be the least effort I had in plating. I was on my way out, and this picture was actually one that I was just trying to taste the salad. :)  I just added stuff, sprinkled, then took a picture. So going back to the papaya … Continue reading

And the green makes it pop :)

Chicken Tom Yam Stew

I still had some leftover tom yum paste in the freezer, waiting to be revived into something delicious. I really wasn’t in the mood to make soup, especially one that is sour and spicy to boot. But I felt like I needed a revamp on the tom yam. So I decided to make it into … Continue reading

Edible seeds, I guess :)

Green Papaya

Living in a tropical country has made me lucky enough to have access to some fruits all year round, including the papaya. Though I mostly eat this in their orange/red/ripe stage, it has come to my attention recently that there is more to this than just that eating it as a fruit. Like langka or … Continue reading

My new toys! :)

Graters! :)

Who needs Santa when you have friends like these? :) A friend gave me the complete line of new graters they have now and I was amazed. They are all versions of the microplane (I checked each of the teeth)! Though I kinda doubt I will be toying with all of these all at the … Continue reading

My pretty plate with polenta :)

Quick Eats: Black Pig, Alabang

I rarely get to eat out in the South since almost all my friends are in the Makati, and northwards anyway. So I generally tend to eat more in restaurants up north. I do have my family to eat out with, but then, the feeling to want to cook at home is more prominent when … Continue reading

Veggies and the chicken

Grilled Chicken

Another recipe for my now favorite cookbook, Silver Spoon. But this one was kinda on the so-so side. Not as fabulous as the chicken ratatouille (nothing beats that, maybe the bolognese). But this can be improved I think, with sharper flavors and maybe sticking to breast pieces for the meat. :) The recipe I adapted … Continue reading


Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie

It is the one at the back of the 5 pound bag. The big yellow one, which half of which goes for snacking and the other for baking :) I am not going to post the recipe here anymore, so you will buy the big bag, but I have a secret… I prefer the milk … Continue reading

Ragu :)

Ragu (Bolognese) with Herbs

I was actually thinking of making a bolognese again, when I decided to find something familiar, but follow the Silver Spoon Cookbook. I already googled beforehand and found a ragu recipe, using the same ingredients. But upon further search in the book, it didn’t have any ragu recipe! I was surprised. I would have thought, … Continue reading


Chicken Ratatouille

I have learned of ratatouille mostly when the movie came out. That it had these many vegetables which I really don’t care for. You have zucchini and eggplants as the main ingredients which were, you know, ugh on my list :) But spying this chicken ratatouille in the Silver Spoon cookbook (obviously my current fave), … Continue reading


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